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Why Online Retailers Offer Coupon Codes

Retailers online commonly include use of coupon codes to promote their business. Instead of printed coupons handed out to consumers, online shops allow them to enter a code (often a series of alphanumeric characters) in a box during online checkout. Once verified by security algorithms of the website involved, these unique “promo codes” allow consumers to avail of discounts or promos offered by the online seller.

Outright discount in terms of a percentage of the order value may be availed of with the promo code. There are those which can earn points for a purchase, which will equate to a monetary value that can be accumulated for buying goods in the future, within a specified promo period. Coupon codes may also provide a fixed monetary amount, but in most cases, may only be used for acquiring a particular product.

Redeeming coupons is usually covered by conditions. Coupons may only be applicable to certain brands or products. Coupons more often have expiry dates. Coupons may only apply to certain regions. Some coupons are re-usable, but may only be used for so many times within a limited period. Coupons may redeemed by anyone who patronizes a particular online shop. Retailers could use coupons as web links to promote a particular site. Some retailers make coupons available to frequent shop patrons (based on shopping history), or only to registered members or authorized groups of people. Registered coupons may only be redeemed by the recipient, duly verified against stored information previously supplied by the said person.

Today, consumers look for deals when buying, compelling online retailers to include promo codes as a necessary component of their marketing strategy. These businesses make use of coupon codes to track product patronage. Coupon codes are used by these online sellers to measure advertising ROI. Rewarding loyal brand patronage may be done using coupon codes. In addition to using coupon codes for product discounting, some use these to lure customers back to their websites. Certain online retailers build partnerships by using coupon codes offering special discounts their partners can distribute to their audiences, subject to some commission or incentive scheme (either with a time or quantity based limit). Many retailers offer coupon codes to offer discounts to first buyers, effectively encouraging action quickly due to the perceived scarcity of the coupons. In effect, coupon codes close sales for most online shops.

In certain countries or legal jurisdictions, retailers may need to comply with governmental laws promulgated to safeguard consumer welfare relative to product promotions practices. Online shops planning offer promo codes, therefore, have to make sure they check compliance to any relevant regulatory requirement, which could include securing appropriate permits.

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