What are Wine Tote Bags?

When you buy a nice bottle of wine in the store and you want to take it home most people will use a grocery bag to transport it home. Up to a few years ago that was the only way to really get a bottle of wine or champagne home. A few year back wine totes were invented. They look like normal bags that you carry with you but the have compartments in them that are designed to hold wine bottles in place. The compartments are from the bottom to the top of the wine tote and protect the wine bottles from touching each other. So there is no need anymore to be afraid that you might break one of the bottles in the bag.

Wine tote bags are, as explained before, looking like everyday bags that you use. They do come in different size and colors. Some hold only one bottle of wine while others can hold up to 6 bottles. These multi bottle totes also can be used with other items for when you for example are going to  a pick nick. They are easy to pull with you as some of them have wheels at the bottom of the tote. The totes that you can buy are not only totes with wheels under them but you can also carry some totes on your back. Those wine tote bags only can hold up to 2 bottles at a time but you will have your hands free when you are transporting them.

Prices on the totes will vary a great deal. The prices of the wine tote bags start around the 40$ and the more sophisticated bags will end up costing you around 100$. Designers from normal bags are starting to create wine totes now as well. The market for the bags is growing very fast as well as the shapes of the totes.