Watching Trends in Eyeglass Frames to Know When to Make a Purchase

When someone is ready to get new eyeglasses, picking frames can cause a blend of anticipation, fun, and anxiety. It’s enjoyable to shop for frames for glasses and try on different types and also see what’s new since the last time the person needed a pair of glasses. However, there’s usually a bit of nervousness, since making a suitable choice is important for helping a person’s face look attractive. In addition, most people don’t want frames that are just about to go out of style. Even if it seems like everyone is wearing a particular frame style now, that design can quickly become unfashionable, leaving the person who just chose the design stuck with it for the next couple of years.

Opticians and others working in an optometry office or an eyeglasses store often are aware of upcoming trends. Every day, they see increasing numbers of clients choosing certain designs and colors, and they also notice when a popular style begins losing favor with their clientele. In addition, the person in charge of ordering sample frames for customers to try on is approached by manufacturers with catalogs and new product listings, indicating when trends are about to shift.

Someone who is very particular about the eyeglass frame style he or she wears will want to keep on top of these trends to know when the best time is to order new frames. It’s possible to get new prescription lenses and have them placed into the old frames if all the currently fashionable ones aren’t appealing to the consumer.

In recent years, for instance, frames have tended to get smaller and smaller in the lens area and have also trended toward a rectangular style. People who like their eyeglass frames to be larger and rounder aren’t thrilled with those choices, especially if the small rectangular frame isn’t flattering for their facial structure. They also may dislike the current trend toward big plastic lenses and even horn-rimmed styles. They might long for the days when wire-framed aviator glasses were in fashion. Watching for shifts in the trend lets them know when it’s the perfect time to buy a certain design.