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A Guide to Erectile Dysfunction

For most men, erectile dysfunction is only common in old people. It is now common for a lot of young men to have erectile dysfunction, although it also affects the older men. A study was conducted in 2013 showing one-forth of men under the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction. Due to underlying physical conditions older men tend to suffer having poor erection due to diabetes, heart diseases, circulatory as well as nerve systems. Young men who may have physical health problems may also affect his performance in the bedroom. Here are some of the common causes in young men who are having erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction: What it is?

Erectile dysfunction has different manifestation:

Could not have erections

Manhood is too weak to have sex

Erections only last for a couple of minutes.

There are men who only have one symptoms, meanwhile others have a couple of symptoms. Some men may have chronic while other occurs every now and then.

Erectile dysfunction in young men and its causes are:

Alcohol: He is active but he needs to have a few drinks to get pumped up, in that case alcohol is the reason. Drinking too much alcohol can have an impact on the body and none of it is helpful in getting a hard on.

The amount of alcohol we take the more it can affect our nervous system. Alcohols slows down the nerves’ capacity to grasp sensation.

When a guy is too drunk, he is not sensitive enough to get hard.

Alcohol can also open up blood vessels all through out the body. The blood that should be going to you manhood will have a quick detour then goes right out, so no erection.

Erectile dysfunction on heavy drinkers are more consistent that those who drink occasionally. Too much alcohol consumption messes up with the testosterone levels as well as maintaining sex drive.

Psychological issues: Negative feelings such as anxiety, depression or shame can stop a young man’s capacity to get an erection.

When the stress hormone cortisol increases the level of testosterone decreases, thus having such conditions interfere with the hormonal balance.

It is difficult to feel attracted during sex when a man’s mind is distracted by all the negative feeling linked to his condition.

Masturbating frequently trains your manhood to respond in any form of stimuli.

A lot of men do not have problems masturbating. The problem is, their penises do not react or respond sexually with a partner.

Two problems are watching hardcore pornography or using death grip on your manhood.

Erectile dysfunction can also happen when you rely on self pleasuring and these does not resemble your imagination while having a partner.

Try to check your self pleasuring habit if you can perform well on your own but could not get it off with a partner.

Relationship problems: Erectile dysfunction can also prove problem with the relationship or with the partner. It is quite difficult to have a healthy sex life with your partner if you have unresolved issues, or lack of trust.

Aside from taking care of your manhood, you should also check a possible culprits of erectile dysfunction. Proper hygiene and instantly provide attention to any skin problems that may arise.

Check skin condition as your manhood experiences constant friction through out the day. If dryness occurs, use health creams intended for your manhood.