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What Are The Do’s and Don’ts In Custom Buttons?

Do you want to start your own business at home? Starting a business can be fun especially if you have a lot of ideas and you can start by creating customized items for you and your family. Simple color combination plus a catchy text makes the buttons special and can easily be noticed.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when making your own buttons

Keep It Short

In order to relay your message through a button, you have to think that you only have 10 seconds in total to have it noticed. 5 seconds for them to notice it, and 5 more seconds to read your message. If they are not able to read them, then the whole point of your button is inaccurate.

Use Bold Fonts That Are Easy To Read. Never Use Comic Sans

Do not use small and thin fonts for your buttons. This will not be an effective campaign either for a business or for a political campaign. Why? The readers or the target audience will not be able to read it.

Do Not Use Too Much Color

Do not over do your color choices, it might destruct to the entire message. And sometimes, what you like may not be as appealing to other people.

Perfect Background Color

We want our buttons to stand out right? You have to make sure that the color you choose matches the contrast of your background. Consider the background color and the text color, they should go hand in hand and not fighting for domination.

Choose The Right Font

When you are designing for a button, always remember the actual size of the product. You might be using a large font size 36 that is way too large for a button right? Just look for a font that is clean and just the right size which is readable to people 3 or 4 ft. away from you.

Most of the printers available in the market today are high quality and can print up to 2400×2400 DPI. So to make sure that we have the right size always do test print. This will not only save you money but as well as time. What we are actually seeing on our monitor is quite different from the actual print.

Save Your Work

For every job you make, always make sure that you save it. Whether it’s a .jpg file or a layered file such as PSD. There are thousands of fonts available or both MAC and PCs and not all of them is in your computer. We choose our fonts for a reason and we do not want to look for an alternative font if in any case you need to edit your design in another computer. This will become a problem on your end, so always save your work.