The Particular History Regarding Hawaiian Fish Hook Jewelry

Hawaiian fish hook jewelry indicates energy and also success. It was made in the actual look of the Hawaiian fish hook, which often was employed as a application for the particular hunting as well as gathering of classic food items in the particular Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiians see the water as a spot associated with attractiveness and also supply. The actual hook, which will be manufactured regarding components found in the ocean, is actually developed to replicate these types of beliefs of self-sufficiency as well as cosmetic richness.


The actual custom of the particular fish hook started out inside historic Polynesia and has been carried out by the Maori tribe connected with New Zealand. Centered on natural assets, a fish hook necklace is created from whale bone fragments, at times human bones, sea shells or timber. The purpose of the particular hook establishes the shape, which guided to the particular creation regarding numerous various models. Many fishermen developed the 1st types regarding hook jewelry, but currently skilled artisans more than likely help to make the bulk of hooks.

The Legend

There are numerous misconceptions and tales surrounding the Hawaiian fish hooks. One particular originates from the belief that ancient carvers used the bone fragments of the very best fishers in order to guarantee good results with each hook. Hawaiians thought that individual bone is actually more eye-catching for normal bone hooks, and whalebone or cow bone has been for Hawaiian jewelry and gifts. Hooks have been used through men as well as women regarding the isle to catch and belly all types of fish. The major function regarding the hook these days is actually to wish someone a prosperous future and great health.


Hawaiian angling hooks originated in the actual islands regarding Polynesia and also New Zealand. The artists used marine animals this kind of as whales and sharks to create the hooks you notice today. There are a couple of types associated with hooks: compound and simple. Simple hooks are shaped from the single type of material, such as bone, wood and even composites, but hooks are two pieces screwed together. Nowadays many Hawaiian hooks tend to be compounds based on resin, bone or wood.

Any fish hook is made with the actual point (sharp tip) in mind, which usually may end up being straight or perhaps curved depending on style. The point may possibly consist of a tab which will be intended to help keep the particular fish from falling off of the hook when caught. Some associated with the angling hooks utilized in capturing fish are usually still hand-crafted nowadays, just like the Hawaiian jewelry for men they stand for.