The Magic of Majic Beauty

One of the lessons women learn when they are teenagers is that makeup can make you look amazing or it can make you look cheap. The worst part is that there is often a fine line between the two. Eye shadow is often a challenge because there are so many choices about what to use and how to apply it. The important thing to remember is to choose the right type and color for your age, complexion and eye color.

The Right Type

Dark and dramatic, glittery and fun or pale and neutral. There are many options, but something important to remember is that if you are over 30, glittery shades highlight creases and accentuate droopy lids. Save the sparkles for the teens and twenty-somethings. A matte shadow is a choice which works wonderfully on anyone.


Your eye color, rather than your outfit should determine the shade of eye shadow you choose. Since you are applying it to make your eyes stand out, choosing the right color is your best step to achieving your goal. Blue eyes should use warmer shades such as brown, gold and tan. A dark blue eye will look good with deep purple shadows as well.

Brown eyes are a neutral and these lucky people are able to really use any color they would like. Shades like deep brown and bronze will often make dark brown eyes really stand out.

Green eyes look best when they are highlighted with pinks and purples. These colors can be either light or dark. Another color to try are vibrant browns like terracotta and rust.

Once you know the colors you want and that work best for you, how to apply them correctly becomes the challenge. Or at least it used to be the challenge. But now, with majic beauty, that problem has been solved.

Majic is Magic

This system is so simple that anyone can have the perfect look within seconds. No more fussing around with multiple brushes and magnifying mirrors only to smear it and have to start over. Your eyes will look as though a makeup artist applied your makeup for you. You need to check it out to see how easy it is to look your best in just a couple of minutes a day.