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The Versatility Of A Maxi Dress: Why Every Woman Must Have A Maxi Dress In Her Wardrobe

Not a long time ago, one of the hottest trends featured on the runway was maxi dresses, which in result became all the hype in fast fashion. Now, they are actually considered as a style staple since it is flattering for all shapes and sizes. With the resurgence of the 70s era in today’s trends and fashion, the maxi dress was brought alive again and made to look timely, especially since it was drawn from the 70s era.

Maxi dresses are quite effortless looking and is always a classic. It’s easy to slip on and you will instantly look fashion-forward. Maxi dresses are flattering and are great for concealing unwanted bodily lumps and bumps.

Even if your body frame identifies as petite, you don’t have to worry whether a maxi dress would look great on you or not. Rest assured, maxi dresses look great on different heights and shapes. To elongate a 5’4 and below frame, it is best to wear the maxi dress with chunky heels and a cropped jacket. Maxi dresses that have large prints on them and those that have floaty silhouettes should be avoided because they tend to overwhelm petite frames. To elongate your body further, wear a low-cut v-neck maxi since it elongates the upper part of your body.

If you identify as tall, most maxi dresses would probably be just the proper length for you but it also helps to rummage through the tall section of stores. Since maxi dresses are intended to be long and flowing, make sure to avoid wearing ones that are cropped above your ankles. It is best to stay away from maxi dresses that are cropped above your ankles as maxis are meant to be flowing and long.

Most of the time, maxi dresses are boho or paisley printed to give off 70s vibes. Go ahead if that is the style you are going for but if you’re on the minimalist side, you need not worry since there are also maxi dresses that will surely suit your style. It is also perfect to transition minimalist maxi dresses from day to night, as long as you pair it with chic and sophisticated accessories.

Considering the versatility of maxi dresses, they are undeniably a classic thing to have in your wardrobe. You can either wear it causally during the day with wedges and a denim jacket or you can also dress it up in the evening with a tailored blazer and some strappy heels.

In addition, you will find that maxi dresses are appropriate to don on different occasions. You can dress it up for weddings and play around with different patterns and cuts. Maxi dresses can also be easily transitioned into different seasons. Just make sure to layer and accessorize accordingly.