Let Photography Be Your Window Into A Different World

As human beings, we change and grow more in our first year of life than we will for the rest of our days. During our first year we change from a newborn to a baby filled with personality and curiosity. Capturing those first days, weeks and months is something that parents need to do. However, taking photographs of a young child is not as easy as it may seem.

Newborns and young infants should always be photographed using natural light. Not only does this give each photograph an added note of aesthetics, but some would say that it lets each child show off their natural “glow.” While this explanation may suit those who only look to the artistic, health experts will tell you there is a more important reason for infants and young children to have their picture taken without artificial flash lighting.

Photographic lighting set-ups can not only cast a harsh glare on a baby, but be dangerous to their sensitive eyes. Just the pop of a flash can frighten an infant or cause them to see the camera as a malevolent force. When a photograph is taken with only natural sources of light, an infant will barely notice that they are the center of attention while their photo is being taken.

Elizabeth Moore Photography – photographer in Lancaster PA, is one of those photographers that enjoys capturing the spirit of her subjects without the use of unnatural light sources. Not only does she make infants feel more comfortable during the photographic process, but she uses this method when taking pictures of adults as well.

Wedding portraits also benefit from natural light and locations that use outdoor themes. Instead of a stiff and formal pose, the new couple has a chance to truly make themselves a worthy subject. All of the excitement and romance of the moment can be captured without the interference of sharp lighting.

If you are thinking of having a family portrait taken professionally before the holidays, using an outdoor location is a perfect way to get the entire group involved. Having a professional photograph taken while every member of the family is playing sports or enjoying a picnic, gives your photo an almost a true feeling of Americana.