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Different Methods For Tshirt Printing If you want to be fashionable and unique at the same time, it will be ideal to consider custom tshirt printing. This is just one of the reasons why there are so many people who are showing interest in custom printing. From statement pieces, to cute designs, customizing t-shirts evolved in a manner that even world of fashion starts to take notice of it. From conventional screen printing to more advanced 3D printing, below are some of the ways that can be done to customize their shirt. Number 1. Screen printing – this is the cheapest way to transfer an image to a shirt, which is also the same reason why it is widely used. One just needs a fabric ink, a squeegee, basic cotton shirt and mesh screen to carry this out. Using a special material that when exposed to light becomes hard is what used to coat the screen. The image would be embedded in the screen after the material is removed. The screen is placed on top of the shirt where the fabric ink is added. Then, the ink is pressed out of design using a squeegee. The screen will be removed and image’s outline would be seen clearer on the shirt as soon as the ink hardened.
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The mesh screen is reusable and could be used repeatedly is one known benefit of using this particular method. That being said, this method is going to be slow as one needs to perform the transferring process individually.
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Number 2. Heat transfer – due to the ease of use and because heat is used, it quickly transfers the design, this has become a very popular tshirt printing method. As a matter of fact, heat transfer designs are quite popular and at the same time, can be done easily. Just place the design backwards on the tshirt and make use of any heating equipment like a household iron. To ensure that the design is transferred thoroughly to the t-shirt, run it on the design several times. Yes it is true that the whole process is fast, easy and cheap to transfer the design but, it does not last long and some may crack over a certain period of time. Number 3. Digital printing – truth is, this is the latest technique of printing since this directly prints on the garment. Digital printing is quite popular because this allows clear image design output all thanks to the color separation features. As the designs are directly printed on the material, the fabric is absorbing the color, which allows for longer and more realistic appearance. As a result, those who are planning to open their own printing business prefer this option.