Intensive Care in the Hands of Christian Marriage Counselor

Intensive Care in the Hands of Christian Marriage Counselor


Some couples, after investing months and months in marriage counseling, find themselves stuck in the trenches, perhaps past the problems which led them to therapy, but battling a host of new ones.  Often, in these cases, Christian marriage counselors offer intensive programs where the couple can leave the worries of their everyday lives behind for a place of retreat and intensive marriage rebuilding.


Private sessions

Private sessions between the therapist and the couple typically occur over the course of a weekend, often a long-weekend of four or five days.  Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, in an intimate setting, sometimes it is easier to open up about troubling matters such as infidelity, temptation, and building resentment which maybe a person was afraid to discuss before.


Ideally, these sessions are generally between one couple and one therapist, but sometimes include other couples.  The benefits of participating in group therapy sessions with other Christian couples can be enormous.  Perhaps there are one or two other couples and at least one of them is going through something quite similar to what is happening in your marriage, or maybe they just came through something similar.  These experiences provide invaluable lessons from how someone else came through something you thought maybe you never could. 


The connection


At an intensive Christian marriage retreat, like those offered at, a supportive, spiritually-minded Christian therapist will lead intense sessions, either between one couple or a group of couples, in a completely honest, non-biased manner, assisting in the restoration of God-centered marriages impartially.  It is important to find someone who longs to lead the two of you closer to each other as well as to God.  In a Christian marriage, without a deeper connection to God, it is difficult to develop a deeper connection to a spouse, and therefore, unthinkable to address and resolve the problems at hand.  If one of you already has your bags packed to leave, why not throw them in the car and head off somewhere together with a trustworthy, spiritual professional from Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries who can provide your marriage the spiritual intensive care it desperately needs?


Attending a Retreat


Changing scenery without your spouse only brings the problems within to a new place.  In the retreat setting, the problems within both spouses are dealt with and a plan of action is made to resolve those problems or learn to live with their limitations.  Today’s world is one built on instant gratification; but in marriage, Christian or otherwise, instantly fixing problems, even in the intensive setting of a retreat, is not always possible or feasible.  But addressing the problems between you and your spouse intensively with someone spiritual and Godly who won’t take sides is a chance at some instantaneous hope.  God can use hope and faith to produce miracles you never dreamed possible in your marriage through the intensive care and prayer provided by Christian therapists. For a Christian couple in crisis, the decision to allow a therapist work with the two of you in a spiritually in-depth manner seems to be a no-brainer. 


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