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Learn How Precious Stone Jewelries are Processed and Cut into Perfection Gemstones, as we know them, are precious stones that are only found in nature and in order for them to be formed into jewelries, they have to be processed, cut and polished by professionals who take cutting and polishing as an artful skill. It is very vital that when these are processed into cutting, it has to be done perfectly, otherwise, there will be damages made or cracks along and even the smallest of cracks can greatly degrade the precious jewel right off the bat. If you are going to look at it, there will be a number of processes that has to be done to secure and achieve a great result and some of these include tumbling, drilling, polishing, lapping, sawing, sanding and grinding. When the above techniques are used, the results or the forms of the gemstones will vary greatly and it ranges from faceted stones, beads and spheres, mosaics, sculptures, cameos and intaglios, cabochons, and inlays.
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There will be a method that has to be followed in order to achieve the right jewelry and in all cases, the very first thing that will be done is to cut the stone into the right amount according to the desired finish and this process is called faceting, since a machine will be used to grin the facet of the stone prior to it being cut and polished. The type of machine that will be used for such purpose is actually a simple one, where you can find a grinding plate that is named the lap and a set of protractors that will secure the stone from moving when it is processed and cut. The person who will be using the machine is called the faceter and as the use of the machine implies, they will most likely be working on cutting and polishing the precious stones before they will be sent to the next part of the process.
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When the stones are sent from the mines, they will most likely arrive just like any other shiny stones that you could find in beaches but depending on their shape, clarity, color and facet will be how they are chosen, cut and polished to ensure that they will not crack during the entire process and even afterwards. Just before the stones are processed, rough edges will be grinded so that they will fit perfectly in the protractor before they will be cut and processed to perfection. In the event that the cutting is done, then there will be a polishing agent that will be used to polish the facets of the gemstone and when the faceter is to grind the gemstone, the gem should not be grind too long because this will lead to crack the stone and although you can still sell these damaged stones cheap, there will be in no way possible to repair such.