Flip-flops versus Comfortable Shoes

People are aware that comfortable shoes and footwear can greatly impact their health, ease of movement, and job performance. With this knowledge, some people conscious about the health of their feet often resort to wearing either comfortable shoes or flip-flops even when going to work. However, due to the need of looking professional or to company dress codes, people are prohibited in using flip-flops at work. Regarding the issue of better job performance resulting in the wearing of comfortable shoes and other footwear, some people would recommend the use of flip-flops in even in professional or formal settings such as in the office or in universities. So which one is really better, comfortable shoes, or flip-flops?

We cannot deny the fact that flip-flops actually have positive characteristics when compared with comfortable shoes. Flip-flops are very easy to wear. You can just slip them on anytime and anywhere. Flip-flops are also more affordable compared to comfortable shoes. Maybe this is because lesser materials are used, or because materials used to make flip-flops are cheaper compared to the materials used in making comfortable shoes. Flip-flops also allow the feet to breathe because it is open. The feet then have a lot of room and space. But the downside is, flip-flops are not allowed to be worn in the office because of its informal appearance.

The value of professionalism and looking decent and proper in the office is somehow taken away when using flip-flops. Aside from that, flip-flops also do not protect the feet as much as comfortable shoes do. Our feet are exposed when we use flip-flops. So when we get into an accident, our feet are susceptible and vulnerable to scrapes and wounds. But when we wear comfortable shoes, our feet are protected because these shoes are closed.

Comfortable shoes (such as Sanita brand footwear) may be more expensive than flip-flops; however, it gives added protection to the feet. The materials used in making comfortable shoes are more expensive than the simple materials used in making flip-flops, but these materials also serve as added comfort and minimize the pressure applied to the feet.

These materials act as a shock absorber that lessens the force applied to the feet which reduces the stress and pain that might be felt by the individual. Comfortable shoes are also more formal in appearance compared to flip-flops that is why it is more conducive especially in an office environment.

So in conclusion, flip-flops are great, but are informal; so people should use them in places that do not require formality in attire. The use of comfortable shoes are recommended for formal settings like the office or in universities.