Where To Start with Websites and More

The Engaging and Fascinating World of Celebrity News

If you’re curious how your favorite celebrities are doing today, you will find tons of information about them online, in magazines and of course, television. No matter what they’ve been up to, your beloved rock star or Hollywood actor idols will always find their way on the front pages, soft or hard copy or a combo. But of course, we all know that not all celebrity news sources are the same. Some aren’t even reporting real stories – just anything they could think of to create a stir and boost their number of viewers or readers. Fortunately, in spite of all the garbage, there are still sources that have unquestionable credibility. How can you tell which ones they are?

First off, you should trim down the list of celebrities you’d like to follow. Magazines usually publish the wildest and newsworthy celebrities, so unless you dig this kind of entertainment, perhaps you can save your money for something else. If it’s actually what you like, then go and patronize such providers. This is a free world and you have the right to choose what things to entertain yourself with. If you want “more wholesome” celebrity news, visit the entertainment sections of such sites as MSN.com, Yahoo.com, and the like. If you’re more into the “dark side” of entertainment – you know, celebrity bashing, harsh opinions, and the rest – there are so many blogs that deal with these things.

If you prefer to know more about your favorite celebrities in a more private way, then go for their personal websites or blogs. Most of them actually have one, although the sites or blog are sometimes maintained by an assistant or any member of their staff. Still, this is a good way to stay up-to-date.

Of course, your favorite celebs are also waiting to be followed in the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Just make sure you’re following the real celeb’s account, which will come with a check mark or something. This is another great way to know what’s happening with their lives.

On the other hand, you also have to watch out for a few things while looking for the most recent celebrity news. For instance, the tabloids are NOT gospel, so don’t believe everything you read. Always be discerning with the things you read. Rumor mills will only tell you have the story.

As you try to find celebrity news online, pay attention as well to the kind of website where the news is published. Some of them not just lie in the stories they publish, but also endanger the security of your system. Again, you should just stick to reputable websites so you don’t waste your time on manufactured news, and you can make sure that your computer or smartphone is safe.

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