Elk Antlers Really Are a Necessity for Some Dogs

Certain breeds of dogs are known for chewing things through the entire home. These types of pets require chew playthings to sidetrack them from nibbling on other items, and lots of pet owners choose to take advantage of elk antlers for dogs in this situation. The main reason dog owners choose to buy an elk antler for dogs is these treats tend to last. Get a rawhide dog bone and your pet might destroy the treat within a matter of minutes. It’s not a concern with elk antlers. Additionally, dog owners find there are a number of sizes to pick from, to enable them to get the ideal goody for the family dog. Those who have tried bully sticks before prefer elk antlers as well, simply because they will not let off the smell that comes with the bully sticks. Caution has to be utilized when purchasing these kinds of goodies, nonetheless, because substandard goods can crack and bust as the canine chews on the antlers. This might lead to medical issues. Furthermore, elk antlers are generally loaded with protein, thus utilize them infrequently with younger puppies. An excessive amount of protein can easily upset their belly. Check into elk antlers whenever you must buy a treat for the dog. It might be precisely what you want to keep the canine from gnawing on items in the house.