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Popular Styles of Vintage Jewelry The thrill of shopping for vintage jewelry is something that many people enjoy. Part of the appeal is the fact that these pieces are not always easy to find. You may shop for hours and not find any jewelry worth buying. That is a major contributor to the fun of the whole process. If great vintage pieces were easy to find, there would not be anything special about them. When you are just getting into vintage jewelry, you will discover that there is a lot to learn. This article discusses some of the basics of shopping for vintage jewelry. First there is the art deco period. Popular from 1915-1930, the art deco style is characterized by its use of geometric designs like triangles and squares. Stylish women during this time, known as “flappers,” made this type of jewelry popular. Many women today wear the characteristic over-sized necklaces, without realizing the art deco origins of this style. The colors of art deco are usually full of contrast, like black and silver, for example. Another large fashion movement came about in the 1950s. Retro, as the style is now called, featured chunky, bright shapes. As with art deco, the retro look has also made a comeback recently. Most of the time, these are the two styles of vintage jewelry that you will encounter. The majority of the vintage jewelry you find will be from one of these two periods. Anything older than these styles is significantly more valuable and therefore not as easy to come across. Jewelry that is produced after the retro era is not yet considered vintage.
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Some people enjoy looking for jewelry at auctions and thrift shops. While you may get a bargain here, you are also just as likely to come up empty handed. There are also stores which specialize in vintage pieces, but you should expect to pay a fair amount more there. These stores are a better bet if you are looking for something specific, like jewelry for your wedding, for example. They are also useful if you do not want to spend hours rummaging through worthless junk searching for a great piece of jewelry. Another reason to go to a vintage jewelry store is that its workers can give you a lot of insider information about the pieces you bring in.
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This last section is about the quality of the jewelry you buy. Some pieces are too delicate for everyday use, so if that is what you are looking for then you might want to get some vintage costume jewelry instead. Many times, you can find imitation pieces made of glass or plastic at a much cheaper price. Unless you are a collector or want something to wear for a special occasion, it does not make sense to spend money on the higher-end items. Real vintage jewelry can be very old and thus, fragile. Pieces which are held together by glue or thin metal are particularly vulnerable. A jeweler will be able to tell you whether or not your new vintage piece can withstand regular wear.