ARMOR LiNE Delivers With Their Acclaimed Bluetooth Speakers

The old stereos of the 80s and 90s are comically dated now. Refined and simplified to a small usb attached speaker set, the convenience of outdoor sound has been seemingly perfected.

But where the convenience is at an all time high, the quality of sound has somehow suffered in the transition? It is frustrating to see how many mostly expensive speakers look fun and convenient, but they sound like they are covered with a few blankets and stuck under the sand.

ARMOR MiNE has always placed a high priority on sound quality without forfeiting convenience. These bluetooth speakers for iphone are fullproof- quite literally. It is built to be fully waterproof, as well as shockproof and dustproof. This wards off most of the threats a portable high-use speaker can come under. It has a rechargeable power with major lasting power. A 500mAh lithium ion battery offers four hours of uninterrupted performance. Considering the quality of the sound, this is superior to almost all other options. Many Apple product owners may find this more than generous.

One more point about the technical aspects. Sound-wise, this bluetooth speaker portable boasts a passive subwoofer that does not overwhelm the sound. It keeps texture to the sound despite it coming from a small device. But the subwoofer is just pronounced enough to provide a real solid range that extends out to the group hanging out a few tables over at the party. The range caps out at about 30 feet which is perfectly fitting for just about any scenario. The overall volume and acoustics are reported to be 30% than the average market bluetooth shower speaker.

With the cultural over reliance on mobile devices, hands-free wireless speakers bluetooth with this kind of range are a pretty necessary purchase. It offers a full sound not limited by crackling and poorly made speakers. It has a built in Bluetooth implementation to answer calls and speak through the set without being burdened by having to sit up, change the input, etc. Is it perhaps too convenient? Sure. But in this busy world where relaxation is underappreciated and busyness is over indulged, a speaker set’s convenience and sound quality is something deserved.