A surprise left in my brothers karate box

When my brother joined the army 3 years ago, he left me a lot of things that he said he wanted me to have. I did not bother checking them especially the largest box since I thought it was just toys or maybe even clothes. But more than 2 years later I opened them and I was actually surprised to find a whole lot of martial arts equipment in them, and I did not even know that my brother trained in these martial arts in the first place. He always kept himself to his room and I was not allowed to go in there so I was really surprised to see all the martial arts supplies and training equipment there.

But in a way, this sparked off something in me, which is the interest in martial arts too. The gloves and the sparring headgear fit me really well, and I thought it would be a waste if I did not use them. So what I did first was to check out available martial arts lessons in our area, and it was karate, TKD and Muay Thai which was offered. I took up those lessons just as a trial, but as the lesson progressed, the more I was getting into it and eventually I really got serious about it that I was practicing martial arts almost daily, even on the weekends.I got all my taekwondo supplies and stretching equipment from taekwondosupplies.org.

The good news is that my hard work and diligence in practicing martial arts is paying off now because just recently, I was chosen to participate in a friendly competition, much like the MMA in the city, and this is a good chance to test out if what I learned over the past year is now something that I can benefit from and enough to help me win this contest. If I do, then I would really be happy.