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Styles of Men’s Urban Suits Men’s urban suits are made for the modern man. Although most of these urban suits are still made in the traditional style with traditional colors, suits have been made to fit the modern man such that the styles are more complicated and the colors are non-traditional. There are two types of fabrics commonly used in making men’s urban suits. The men’s urban suit that is made from wool is something that can last the wearer for a long time. This fabric hangs nicely on the human figure. The other common fabric for urban suits is poplin. This material is used in many styles of urban men’s suits. Poplin fabric is lightweight. Urban suits made from this material can easily take color from dye. Many colored suits that you can find for sale in market are actually dyed poplin material. There are two piece and three piece styles of men’s urban suits. There is a dress coat and dress pants in a two piece style. The three piece style is similar to the two piece but a vest is also included. To complete the urban look one just needs to add a dress shirt, a tie, socks and shoes that match the suit. A nice fashion accessory to add to this attire are pocket handkerchiefs. The pocket handkerchief can be put in the pocket of the dress coat which is in the top.
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Men’s zoot suits are comebacking fashion styles for today’s modern man. The distinct feature of this suits is their dress coat with wide padded shoulders and wide lapels and which were very popular during the 1930’s to the 1940’s. And the length of the coat is much longer than an ordinary dress coat. Men’s zoot suits pants come to a narrow bottom near the ankles. This is closed with a cuff. These pants have a high waist and are cut full in the waist and thighs. A fedora hat is the best accessory to match this kind of suit. They are also matched with pointed toe dress shoes.
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With their unique details, urban suits are set apart from the rest. For example, these suits can have contrasting ribbon trim along the lapel, pocket flat, and handkerchief pocket. Another unique detail can be seen in using striped fabrics for both coat and pants. They can also use bright colors as gold, red, navy and burgundy. To know where to find men’s urban suits for sale, you simply make an online search and you will be led to many different websites that sell these. For the more fashionable modern man, these urban suits are the best. The modern urban suits can be worn in traditional style and color as well as the non-traditional styles and colors.