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Tips and Tricks in Buying a CB Radio

Is purchasing a CB radio the thing that you have in mind? If you are, then you need to fill your mind with some worthwhile information about this kind of radio first. Please read on to learn more about CB radio.

1. CB or Citizens Band Radio Service is a kind of radio communication that falls under Personal Radio Service or PRS. This radio, like the rest of PRS types, is intended for different kinds of consumers, whether individuals or business entities. There is no license required for operating a CB radio.

2. CB service operates on a good number of shared channels in a SSB or Single SideBand mode and AM mode. The benefit with opting for the SSB mode is that there is greater range and the noise is less. Connecting with other SSB radios is only possible when your radio is in SSB mode.

3. Using a CB radio does not have age requirement. As a matter f fact, everyone may use the radio. Only foreign governments or their representatives are not authorized to operate the radio.

4. Frequencies and channels on CB are not assigned to a particular individual or group. More often than not, you can use your radio on all 40 channels.

5. CB radios are short-ranged and are intended for local communications. However, a user like you can potentially increase your radio’s range by following the method called shooting skip. But the FCC has some guidelines regarding the ranges of CB radios, so be sure you are not committing some mistakes.

6. As said, there are 40 channels shared on CB radios. It is therefore understood that common etiquette needs to be exercised when communicating with other users. When a user talks with another station, the duration must not be more than 5 minutes. And before starting with another communication, you need to wait for one minute.

7. As you move your way to purchasing a CB radio, one very important radio equipment that you should not miss to pay attention to is the antenna. If you purchase a handheld CB radio, an antenna is most of the times included in the package. However, mobile units do not have it with them. In other words, you have to buy it separately. Basically, the performance of your radio can be affected by a lot of ways by the type of antenna you purchase. It is for this reason that you have to be the most careful when purchasing one. Check the different options that you have before.

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