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The Role of Sports & Athletics in Our Society

Nowadays women engage themselves in sports and athletics as much as men. They are also neither a preserve of adults as kids equally participate in various sports and athletics events. Moving around a neighborhood one is sure to find individuals participating in a soccer or basketball match among other sports and athletics. The question is, do they have any relevance or they are simply games? Below are some of the benefits of sports and athletics to our society.

These sports and athletics have been there since the days of our forefathers, maybe just some variations on the types that were then and these that are now. Their might just be some little difference on how things were done during that time, and what they are currently. However, they had a role in the society then and also have their roles now. One known fact though is that people would spectate or engage in sports and athletics to have fun and pass time.

In today’s society the relevance of sports and athletics is evidently more than it was back then. The reasoning is rather obvious, there is a big difference in the society today and what it was then. All it needs is for one to be idle enough, lacking something to do and would easily find themselves finding solace in drugs and narcotics. This is usually brought about by idleness and association with the wrong influence. By involving youths in some kind of sports and athletics it keeps them engaged from time to time, minimizing or even eliminating this susceptibility.

Another role that sports and athletics play in the society plays is in keeping us healthy and fit. Well going to the gym for frequent exercises may not always be an option for some of us. You may be playing basketball to pass time or just to have fun, but also keeping fit at the same time. The modern lifestyle needs one to frequently exercise if they are to live a healthy life. A society that actively participates in sports and athletics is therefore a healthy one.

Traditionally it was thought that the only way to a successful and prosperous life was by getting a good education, and a white collar job. There are many sportsmen and women and athletes who have done quite well for themselves without necessarily having that university degree. They could open a window of opportunities to many in the society who might have been otherwise found it hard to earn a decent living.

Evidently sports and athletics are things that we need to embrace as a society. Many of the problems that are a thorn to today’s society can actually be solved if the youth, women and men engage in sports activities from time to time.

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